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Praise for the Swara Sonara Trio:

“With a supreme technical ability and graceful hand movements by pianist Aryo Wicaksono, and adding a consistent, steady (intonation) and rhythmical beautiful voice of soprano Kathryn Mueller and a grandiose baritone voice of Nathan Krueger, the concert (presenting 14 numbers from different composers) were captivating the audience throughout. The concert truly answered the needs of classical music lover for a high quality classical recital”
- Kedaulatan Rakyat (People's Democracy Newspaper – Yogyakarta, Indonesia;
August 10th, 2009)

“If such a thing as "language barrier" exists, the Swara Sonora Trio is certainly doing its part to tear it down.”
- Tucson Weekly (July 19th, 2009)

“The performance of Swara Sonora Trio as guest stars in the Surabaya Symphony Orchestra's
Independence day's concert enchanted the audience.... beautiful songs were presented with
elegance and sweetness.”
Surabaya Town Square / Radar Surabaya Newspaper Review (August 18th, 2009)



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