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100 Friends

Thank you to all who helped us Promote Peace and raise funds for
UNICEF Indonesia Country Office
Just a mere $10 per person, collectively contributes to support the advocacy of Children’s rights through programs implemented for betterment of their quality of life

Thank you - our 100 Friends campaign was a huge success!

Kathryn, Nathan, and Aryo are going on a musical Peace Tour to Indonesia in August. See our Peace Tour page for full details on this exciting journey to 4 cities in Java and Bali to perform, collaborate, and raise funds for the Children of Indonesia.

Being young musicians, we know that our friends don't have the resources to be major sponsors. We do, however, have lots of friends. On facebook.com alone we each have hundreds.

So, we thought, what if we asked 100 friends to contribute $10 each towards our Peace Tour? That would be $1,000 and a significant donation towards the betterment of Indonesian children's quality of life.

Can you be one of Swara Sonora's 100 Friends by giving $10? You're welcome to donate more, but even a $10 contribution per person could help chip in for the programs supporting the rights of the Children of Indonesia; $10 could, for example, protect 17 babies from the 7 preventable diseases through the immunization program there.

Proceeds from our Peace Tour will be donated to support programs for the Children of Indonesia through the UNICEF Indonesia Country Office. Help us raise as much money as possible for the Children of Indonesia!

Your contribution is tax-deductible thanks to our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas. We'll list your name on our website as one of our 100 Friends. And you'll be helping us to spread peace through support for children's programs, artistic collaboration, and the universal language of music. See the sidebar to the right for details on how to contribute.

Swara Sonora Trio Peace Tour is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions in behalf of Swara Sonora Trio Peace Tour may be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


Friends Contributing:
84 (list below)

Amount Raised: $1920

As of 9/17/09

Join the crowd!
Contribute $10 or more to launch us towards our goal of 100 Friends


Make your tax-deductible donation of $10 or more by credit card online at our Fractured Atlas donation page
Donate now!

Or print and mail our 100 Friends Sponsorship Form (PDF)

For information on the benefits of making a larger donation ($50 or more) visit our Sponsorship page

Swara Sonora's
100 Friends

Dr. Jan Atwood
Elaine Barber
Paul Barby
Christopher Bartley

Alvaro Bermudez
Misty Bermudez
Eric Biesterfeld
Dr. Renée Bond
Laura Boughton
Meray Boustani
Tom Brackman
Carissa Christianto
Helen Chen
Marie Conlin
Patricia Corrigan
Elizabeth Cree
John Cropper
Julie Cruise
Gisela Duell
Diane Dryden
Maggie Gibson
Sherry and Jack Gillespie
Kenneth Haller
Eleanor Harris
James Harris
Suzanne Hatcher
Erland Heginbotham
Lyndsay Hellekson
H. Deon Holt
Eric Holtan
June Holter
Anna Howell
Megan Hurst
Christopher Jette
David Jurkowitz
Douglas, Peggy and Jackson Klein
Burt and Judy Kreiling
Dale LaFleur
Nathan Leaf
Kathy, Larry & JJ Lee
Lucky Chinese Restaurant
Tiffany McFarland
Ian Mueller
Katherine Myer
Spencer Myer
Jeff Myrmo
Judy Olvey
Maureen Papovich
Julie Patrick
Emily Perkins
Lauren Phillips and Marco Simoni
Robert Ripps
Carissa and Matthew Rodrigue
Bill Ross
Stephanie Savastano
Katherine Scally
Mary Schecher
Jim and Nancy Schmitt
Julie Schmitt
Susan Scupin
Barbara Schwartzlow
Lynn K. Silence
Kristen Sorth
Ross Stephen and Ruth Birkhead
Ryan Swierat
Helen Taini
Noreen Teoh
Laura Tiefenbruck
Gabrielle Tinto
KH Tzamouranis
Maria Elena Valdes
Ray & Izabella Van Raalte
Vila Thai Restaurant
Brian Wismath




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